Connection to major travel providers with negotiated wholesale contracts Direct hotels, transfers, excursions and local services from local DMC’s.
More than 150,000 unique hotels worldwide with negotiated wholesale rates. 10,000 Transfer services in 80 countries – 2,500 major cities. Verified services (hotel,transfer,etc) information


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Conform to the ease of Online Booking and Online Travel Products…

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Hotel Alerts and Offers

Decrease your late cancellation expenses by easier policy compliance Receive Price Drop Alerts for your favourite Hotels View best travel recommendations…


About Us

Travelogic is a leading global hotel wholesaler. Our core business focus is supplying hotel accommodation to the travel trade. By cooperating with thousands of international hotels we are able to offer an outstanding selection of global hotel accommodation at the lowest rates Our clients can book hotels through our advanced online booking system or sell our entire product range through their own branded website via our XML interface The booking systems, providing multilingual options for our global client base. In order to guarantee satisfaction with our products we also provide a range of additional services, including 24/7 FIT support and dedicated technical and customer service

Tips for System

We believe an understanding of travel services purchasing is critical for Travel Agencies ,Tour Operators,Suppliers etc.Why ??Because the success of every travel program hinges on the ability to manage travelers.And behavioral economics examines the psychology behind how people make buying decisions.

The Agency staffs due tou huge work load often use subconscious short-cuts that can lead to unwanted buying decisions.Our system provide to you more you understand about how your travelers think and make decisions, the better you can guide decisions to support the goals of your travel program and agency.

Like any new concept, behavioral economics is thought-provoking, but it can also be a bit daunting. Travelogicwith powefull frame helps you navigate key behavioral economics concepts and links them to the challenges you wrestle with every day. It identifies the hidden forces that shape traveler decisions and provides specific examples you can implement to address – or even eliminate – them. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to learn, but these tips should motivate for more.